Piece by formless piece of me, compose of new desires:
write me back to life before my hope, deterred, retires.
Inflate my heart until it finds itself in soothing flight
and sprout for me the wings I need
to beat its rhythm right.

Expand my lungs to fill with life and bleed this void no more –
to breathe ambition in until it seeps from every pore,
expression-filled with written words:
my storm to self-empower.
Yet, in this silent wash of time I very humbly shower.

Find within my shadows proof of flawless, lustrous light.
Elucidate my purpose, forming day from cloudy night.
Write of peace, a balm, to heal my
bleakly fractured power –
a vision, rich, to seed and plant,
and soon, I hope, to flower.

Inspire my eroding soul with passion to ignite;
a reason to awaken, fresh; a fervour to incite.
Harmonise expression
to unlock what I admire:
write me back to life before I, sadly,
might expire.

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 13 June 2016


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