Why now?
At this peak
the one we climbed
like we were foraging
like the treasure was ours
like we were owed the magic;

the one we promised
like the challenge spoke to our needs
like spooning and completeness
like the familiar sound of Soulmateship;

the one we ate hungrily
like cheesecake and strawberry sauce
like viking sex and the sound of rain
like the walls called for our skin;

the one we privately rode
like thunder and history
like couch kissing at 3am
like the pre-cum that belongs on my lips;

the one our lives changed for
like losing everything to win
like the years mattered more now
like purpose was our new team;

the one we physically yearned
like distance made us realise
like words forgot how to speak
like our eyes smiled through our silence;

the one we mastered
like the Gods of old promised
like synchronicity was our call
like the prophecies had written us;

the one our dreams showed
like we undressed our karma
like it was destiny we could touch
like we had angels for our guides;

the one we paved
like the path was clearer
like the bumps were sensual touches
like the signposts contained our names.

Why now?
At this peak
the one we fall from
like we have forgotten our bond
like our chemistry parries
like our freedoms matter not.

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 11 April, 2017


He said those words
I can’t
and my heart fell out of its pocket
like there was a hole in my
chest and
that very last stitch
heard him speak
Our mobius strip
lay suddenly flattened
– I on one side and he on the reverse
like destiny and distance
were the same bridge
too destroyed to gap

Now I want life to end
as I lean down to hold
what’s left in my lungs
my final breath leaving as
I fall beyond the edge where
by some miracle
this leap of faith might save me
and I am captured by the arms
that wait beneath
– my fate finally showing its purpose
until the only strip that remains
is the one where
we remove each other’s clothing

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 11 April, 2017



Journey across time with calendar wings,
moments packed like spare t-shirts
and extra socks,
passport in one hand and
a window seat to the right;
an empty notebook penciled by thought –
its white void the clouds
that fuel your glorious lungs

Honeymoon with more sky and fewer limits,
bound at the ankles by freedom
– and spontaneity, by chance –
the fresh juice of destiny
your north in every glass of south;
a stomach full of butterflies
to take you to places the maps won’t

Voyage, gift-wrapped in mystery,
each sunrise peeled apart with branching arms;
that new car smell
to steer you upon the magic
of rhyming skies and watercolour footprints –
companionship in purpose
embedded into the souls
of all who climb the peaks of your dreams
beside you


© Tamara Natividad | | Written 22 July, 2016



Without your eyes
to fall into
and your mouth
for me to desire
this soul
would still
find a way
– like a compass –
into your center
and you would
find a way
like a magnet
into my dreams.


© Tamara Natividad | | Written 16 December, 2013



Your sweet promise
coats me like a varnish,
wrapping my sticky desires
in an airless

Fatally sealed,
this timeless wait in madness,
this paused intent
of craftsmanship

one unstepped
foot ahead

contains me like a parasite,
and I, far from drowning,
hibernate within;
mirages of possibility,
seeming eons of time

– bereft of touch –

pass me by, imprisoned.

But wide awake alone,
inside this vacuumed husk,
I quench my heart

– reflection –

while my hunger,
still un-fed,
provides the popcorn
and the trailers
to the feature film
that scratches at my
and stunted soul.

I wait (believing)

baited and entombed,

for the next civilisation
to unbury me

and recreate a reason
for my being here
that parallels an excuse
for their own.


© Tamara Natividad | | Written 28 August, 2011


With the shortage of any vision comes a perilously unfocused destiny.

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 7 September, 2012