We had our differences,
and that was the only thing
we could both agree on.

It was almost poetic
the way we left it
without ever really arriving.

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 27 March 2022


What remains of our more recent differences, those
saturated words fallen from the lacy cuffs of our noble tongues, the
sound-filled garments and raspy lingerie custom fit
for implication and blame – what remains

but the pungency of battered verdicts, the jesters
of white noise and spicy hung detachment, the
midnight winds of halitosis fouling casted spells:
an alphabetic bouquet of gambled persecution,
the weight of which we transport as we fade away

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 3 July, 2017


every second we touch
leads us closer
to separation:

i would rather watch
for there is no end
in sight
to this vision


© Tamara Natividad | | Written 26 December, 2013


The separation of imagination and reality is their connection.

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 18 January, 2013


Even growth has its moments of separation and surrender.

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 5 September, 2011


“When one spends copious amounts of energy expelling another from the once near position of attachment in some form, one simply wastes such momentous opportunity to benefit from that link between the two individuals of whom the separation is now being deliberately forced; for the partnership of the two, through the joining of their combined past, is key to the reason for one’s present growth and potential path in one’s own re-mapped future – and no amount of erasure can blind one from the inclusion in another’s history.”

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 5 March, 2011