Month: May 2012


this ice cream love
– sweet –
and filled with cold desire


through the hole
in my sugared cone

the very thing that
once had held my love within
is now partaking
in the letting go
of its own contents

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 20 May, 2012


Opening my soul,
the petals of its
soft, pink, silken flesh
become a mirror,
beckoning all and any
to the gateway of my swollen, naked heart.

And oh,
how does the honeybee suckle,
I remember,
approaching with a mask of raw intention,
innocent, but for the ravaging purpose
it knows only, yet again, to – here – ensue

. . . and so it does.

My blushing fortress sways and tempts:
a feathered
nudity, as,
in you float,
oh honeybee,
in pregnant pause
to share my perfumed freedom
as I blossom
with your tongue inside my lap.

Crush me not, but leave me torn
– yet, just as gentle.

Your organic levitation swells my fancy.

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 16 May, 2012