Her honey’d hole a wet, wet dream,
her liquid gold a silky stream where
sliding thrusts were mounted, hot,
and arching bodies dared not stop;
where moments flowed into the next
and both were drowned in comfort sex
and eyes were riding each one’s soul –
his quest for freedom her only goal

And rather than come up for air
this fiery passion sank them there,
(as both an anchor, ‘twined like rope,
and locked in pelvic gyroscope)
her swollen thighs around his waist,
her nails embedded, tongues embraced –
and fishing for that final taste
with every touch, in every place

Fused as one with melting cores,
(her curling toes demanding more)
his urgent need to plunge her rightly
sealed them closed with hearts bound tight, and
all around them
walls of water washed their sins
in quickening waves that locked them in
with swats and spanks
and gentle yanks and saucy stares
while skin to skin and hand to soaking hair

Like rolling tide to rocky shore,
(her legs thrown wide, his pelvis sore)
the crash and grind of karmic ties
were deep explored and fast revived
– with whispered greed they came alive –
awash with dirty unrestraint they
thrived, unreined, with fate to blame,
their pulsing needs through every vein,
infused as one and charged by same:
her wild release on which he came –
an ocean, calling out her name

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 10 January, 2017


It slips,
this new surrender,
past the rusted locks
and caution signs
and crumbling roads
of cul-de-sacs
and vacant lots
and open tracks
to freedom:
where conundrums play
and secrets huddle
and bodies lie
and youth decays,
retired past expired days

Engraved in time,
cocoons and shells
and nests are hung
and quartered
for a chance at love:
the way ahead,
half behind
and part enslaved
(a mask of promise worn from birth to lucid grave)

like an avalanche,
it falls in quick pursuit,
this multiverse of
filthy guise
– of liquid paths and dangerous eyes –
and ruby coloured blushing cheeks
where every lover’s
heart of sponge or stone
descends to meet . . .
for another touch
beneath the fraying sheets

And all the while
in rush and glory,
undressing moments
as it passes, flies away –
manifest instead as flesh,
(again) with wings that only beat
to re-transcend and scar
and mend
in pounding, swollen, rhythms,
for the warmth of smothered distance:
for a welcome end


spaced between
the ticks
and tocks
of darting pain
and thrusting cocks,
of cunts aroused, abused, and shamed,
a silence, near, deploys again
the ever caged
and emptied song
and lustful shame
of mouths and tongues,
inclining, fast at last
to go
from whence it came
to soak the mind
and strip the soul
and blur the lines
of time and toll,
in surrender, whole

© Tamara Natividad | | Written 21 July, 2015