It is unlikely as you reminisce,
that I,
white as your black is dark,
appear largely unobstructed
in your mind
– stark, as my naked is bare –
a ripening contrast of shadows
raining over my image;
and from where I stand I feel
the wetness
as it pours upon my hair.

Muddied storms rise between us
– a collage of painted quicksand
from my toes to my lungs –
my attention taken from ‘escape’
to ‘survive another night’
for another day;
running at a loss from your black
with my concrete feet
to my canvas of white
from the pain of this confusing grey.

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 17 June, 2017


Light and Dark

There might be darkness
where there is no light
but there surely
cannot be me
if there is no you

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 4 July, 2014


Moonlight sings alone with the music of darkness for every soul to hear.

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 15 November, 2011