‘Tamara Intro’ featured on the album, Spiritual Warfare, by Protecious

This is YOUR illusion, this liquid freedom.
This is YOUR purpose – and it’s YOURS for a reason.
That dejavu and all of those synchronicities,
they mark your path to follow.
Will you allow your potential to lead?
Or will you stand back
waiting alone for tomorrow?

Now, tear yourself from your silence
and be the entire orchestra
and create that musical love from beyond your soul.
Make it soft and vulnerable,
or dance inside it,
but it’s YOURS to own
so make it WHOLE.

FEEL your very essence, and WANT awareness;
want THIS experience
and make it your best.
Speak your soul
and expand your mind.
Complete yourself
because that’s WHO you will find.
BE the perfect beauty that you already are –
that’s WHY you made it this far.

It’s time now to believe in SOMETHING.
Take THIS time to believe in yourself.

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 25 February, 2012

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The bulk of my writings are short quotes that I call ‘Thoughts From Beyond My Void’ as they tend to jump out at me from no-where in particular, but make a whole lot of sense. My poetry often doesn’t rhyme, but tells a story. Most of what I write comes from a place of experiencing loneliness and longing; an outpouring of my desire for love and completion. I fear only misunderstanding.

I am piscean-esque . . .

Impale, oh thee, thine words
with burning, slow incisions,
once, and again,
until death