Between 2009 and 2013 I dedicated myself full time (using my resources, money, and experience) to assist, create, and co-found a number of online radio programs. I have worked alongside whistleblowers, experiencers, truth seekers, and some of the worlds most intelligent leading experts to help expand and break free the minds of ordinary every day people who are slowly waking up to the knowledge that they have been controlled and captured within ‘the system’/’the matrix’/’mainstream lies’ their entire life.

I started transcribing video interviews for The Truth Collective, once hosted by whistleblower and experiencer, Aaron McCollum. I then became closely involved with the team and was given the title of ‘Chief Editor’. Due to sabotage by others within various ‘truth circles’, the website was removed, and any video interviews left online (rare gems densely packed with mind-blowing information) are extremely hard to find. To this day I am the sole owner of The Truth Collective Facebook Page (re-named to ‘Truth Reality’), although, unfortunately, I rarely have time these days to post to it’s over 7,777 members. The archives are still available, so feel free to visit, view, post, and follow the community page.

I then worked alongside Aaron once more to rebuild his idea, co-founding a newer audio-only version of the show we called Universal Truth Evolution – a twice weekly 3 hour radio session with some amazingly experienced and wise whistleblowers, scientists, researchers, and other brave truth tellers. Aaron let go of the show a short time later as it was exhausting work, and we handed the reins over to another host whom I agreed to worked alongside for a little longer. At some point, months down the track, we separated, disagreeing on the shows evolving format. I departed leaving the show and all its future possibilities with him. I believe I did the right thing for my own soul-path, sanity, and reputation. I also believe Universal Truth Evolution is still online, but not in the same capacity as was originally intended (although still related to non-mainstream topics).

Finally, almost a year on, and feeling that itch again to put my free time to meaningful use, I co-founded Truth Connections Radio (archive site here) with a wonderful friend of mine, oceans away. The show’s birth and continuation was and still is one of my most proudest achievements. Whilst I am no longer full time with Truth Connections Radio, the show is still running to this day – after being hacked three times, and all data wiped! This simply implies that we were/are doing ‘something’ right that ‘someone’ in authority didn’t like. After each hack, Kathy Buckalew, the show’s hostess, remained determined that TruthConnections.com would return each time, bigger and better than the last! An archive of older interviews can be found on the Truth Connections YouTube Channel, the Truth Connections Show Page and our Members Group on Facebook.

In May of 2013 I agreed to work on another project with Aaron McCollum. By September of the same year, he had written and I had heavily edited and freely published a book called, The Transhumanism Pandemic: Sub-Humanity’s Messiah; Humanity’s Annihilation. I also created the book’s cover art, built the website, wrote the Synopsis on the back cover and the Foreword within, as well as included a short piece entitled, Transhuman, within the first few pages of the book. This was a massive project for me to embark upon, and one that I will forever be proud to share and include in my portfolio. The Transhumanism Pandemic is also on Facebook, so if you agree that Transhumanism IS a pandemic and a danger to the survival of the organic human race, please download the FREE e-book and join the Facebook Discussion group.



Following on from my piscean-esque love of writing, and after my years of experience building websites, blogging, editing, audio editing, graphic designing, project managing, and volunteering and dedicating myself in all possible ways using all my available resources, I decided to finally open my own administration business and focus upon my growth once more. In April 2014 I registered Virtual Office Assignments, with more ‘virtual assistance’ experience up my sleeve than I had when I left work to start a family all those years ago. Since I ran my own online Homeware and Giftware store for 8 years while I was parenting full time, and thoroughly enjoyed it (before becoming involved in my non-mainstream projects) I felt I could EASILY successfully manage working from my own home-office AND fulfill my love of helping others in need – and do both at the same time whilst being paid for it: a beautiful reward… and what a blast I’m having! If you need a solid virtual assistant, and choose to use my services, I’ll happily advertise you or your business for free on my Business Facebook Page. View the V.O.A. website for more info.



Find me online at: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube | Fine Art America | Deviant Art

Please feel free to make contact through email or Facebook, but before ‘friending’ me, shoot me a message so we can get to know each other first! If your interests don’t merge in any way with mine, you won’t enjoy my company! My interests include the following list (and, obviously, poetry and art), and I dedicate most of my free time seeking answers or gaining knowledge in these areas:

– MK ULTRA and it’s many sub-projects, Secret Programs and Black Operations
– Chemtrails, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and Monsanto
– Military Abductions and Mind Control
– Secret Space Program, Weapons Systems and Space Command
– Alien Abductions, UFOs and USOs
– HAARP, Project Blue Beam and False Flag Operations
– Secret Societies, Forbidden History and modern-day infiltration
– Stargates, Seagates and other Portals (On Planet, Off World, Dimensional and Time)
– Metaphysics, Consciousness and Evolution
– Crop Circles and Ancient, Mysterious and Sacred Locations
– Physics: The study of matter and energy and how they interact
– Self Empowerment, Sustenance and Enlightenment
– Atlantis and Lemuria and other Advanced Civilizations
– Ancient Alien Races, Star Systems, and Current Involvement
– FEMA, Marital Law and Self Protection
– Deep Underground Military Bases and other secret Facilities
– Inner/Middle Earth
– Energy Healing
– Mayan Calendar and 2012 and beyond: Proven theories and science-based facts
– Authors, researchers, and leading field experts – their discoveries and their works

I have days where I need to get out of my own headspace and into the free energy of creation, and those are the moments I spend on writing or graphic art.