“Were I a mystery, then dare I express the Houdini you seek . . .”


Often when I intend to write I’m not expecting a connection with the words that flow the strongest. But it’s always when I least seem to find I can make any sense at all that I’m thrust into yet another love affair of fresh impressions and vivid emotions charging forth at me like paparazzi – almost threatening me to capture them before they slip away!

When in this inspired state of abreaction therapy, this purging of emotional tension, I’m able to grasp any image or thought flow and give it substance and purpose. And so begins the conscious birth of raw expression and manicured growth that’s almost certain to expose yet another part of my hidden soul!

Words, when structured cleverly, are such powerful assets that undeniably immortalise our fragile humanity.

Tamara Natividad


  1. I am guilty, feeling at times jealousy for such freedom of expression, mine constricted by the lack of words while beauty blows within unable to escape. You are amazing with words and expressions! Glad I stumbled in here 🙂

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