Originally I had planned to link each poem to its brief explanation, offering the reader a chance to look deeper into each one. Instead, I felt it might inhibit the reader’s enjoyment by giving too many details, or indeed change the perspective by which the reader became familiar with the content. Each interpretation by each new individual will differ to that of mine – and that’s the beauty of words; in writing one piece, I’m creating a personal journey for a whole lot of other people. Thanks to imagination and reading, we can make our own movies without even leaving our chairs.

You may, however occasional, wonder what gave me inspiration to write certain pieces. You might guess at those written from personal experience, or perhaps have personally experienced them yourself (RELATE). You might find yourself disagreeing with my views, offended at some terms used within this site (IRRITATE), or perhaps you might be relieved that someone has finally said it for you (MEDICATE).

In summary, my reasons for writing and my frank opinions matter as much as yours, which is why I created this page. Feel free to R.I.M. at your own leisure.

Tamara Natividad


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