“Chipping away at rock until it develops beauty will take no time at all, if you’ll only start.”

Here There Seeker

My digital art, which has been described as both ‘psychedelic’ and ‘spritual’ begins with a face – either human, or a historical statue or carving, and often I’ll combine the two. Using the eyes for inspiration and the detail in the original image, I’ll begin the piece, with no set vision in mind, allowing my creative freedom to flow and flourish, resulting in a unique piece of digital art, born from the desire to simply ‘create’.

The finished product, which is almost always built ONLY using layers of what the art itself produces at each stage of development, often deviates immensly from the original image used. Buddha heads, Island carvings, European statues, Egyptian mummies, Human faces . . . most are warped out of visual recognition until something within me decides that the placement of all digital layers is finally complete.

Often times when I receive custom art requests, the resulting artwork gives the client a strong sense of recognition, an intuitive message, or a chakra connection. Sometimes my art finds the intended client and not the other way around – at these times it’s a great validation that the work I am doing has a greater purpose than just visual distraction.

Samples of my art will be placed here at some point.  In the meantime, feel free to email me for a direct link.