There are times when I’ll write simple, and show an impeccably clear concept in my rhymes – short and sweet, to the point, and easy to digest. I’ll then publish the idea and move on. There are other moments when the joining of these simple words just isn’t enough. An insane nagging enters my head with the chant, “Expand! Expand!”

Well, not exactly. But . . .

I like to think of ALL my work as FIRST DRAFTS. I don’t believe in writing something and never returning to that moment as the audience, as the critic. I become the assessor, the loony analyser, the examiner. And then at some point, I’ll find the true meaning to what I had written, and then rewrite it. Intentionally expand it. Give it substance and dimension. I am (and we are) continually evolving, as each new day gives birth to new experience, new language, expression, vocalisation. Growth.

Whether you are someone who likes a quick approach to his reading, or the type of person who prefers biblical clarity (ie, searching for the deeper meaning behind the babble), I hope you’ll enjoy what you read, and return to inspire me again, soon.

Tamara Natividad


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