“In a novel world, man would simply wake non-committally, stroll vicariously through a perfect day, learn nothing knowing everything, and melt into an active slumber of taboo regard. Pleasantries aside, one should move on from parastillness and obscene milestones of excellence, and be afraid at times of what lies ahead, knowing without knowing why that it will all end in the finality and loneliness of an ever untimely demise, but resume once more with an abundance of possibilities; each new direction scattered like confetti across another bridge between dreams.”

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 28 May, 2013


“Once the fault of man, this short-sighted vision of detachment – now the fault of mankind – carries an irregular and desperate longing to evolve into something obscure and unreasonable, hastily seeking every excuse gatherable – hidden and apparent – to move beyond the limits of nature and into the promiscuous dreams of a science fiction writer.”

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 28 May, 2013

Featured in:
The Transhumanism Pandemic: Sub-Humanity’s Messiah; Humanity’s Annihilation – Page 13


“Unexpected situations often force one to express change by making difficult decisions out of limited choices that can sometimes only be explained by a deep resonating desire within, or a call to experience an action that at the outset may make no sense or seem to dismantle one directionally – but ALWAYS the path you choose is the path you WILL walk, and though questioning why is healthy, it’s far more appropriate to trust your inner knowing and allow yourself to take you by the hand and lead.”

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 3 July, 2011


“How far within must one journey before one captures the realisation that one’s fullest potential is already reached; that one’s constant seeking is an expression of one’s true path to self discovery and freedom – a path where presence and growth are characteristics of what may be found within; the inner lens that reflects back a being that one knows better than one knows . . .”

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 17 June, 2011